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Par Singh

Studio 38 Hair Salon Owner

Par Singh at Studio 38 Hair Salon Vancouver. A 15-year veteran of the hair salon industry, Par has mastered the art of sculpting fine hairdos that can withstand the demands of everyday wear. He works with creative vision to give haircuts that frame the face and use vibrant colors, all the while making sure the haircut is practical and adaptable to the client’s lifestyle. This way, clients can walk out of Studio 38 Hair Salon with a celebrity-like ‘do that won’t fall out of place during work or during their daily commute.  Par performs proper and artful cutting techniques on each of his clients. While orchestrating each cut, Par takes individual facial features and hair type into consideration. He also consults with clients to ensure that new styles will not clash with personality types. Par specializes in wedding hair design, styling, and color.